2nd Weekend of Jazz Fest a Huge Success!

The second weekend of Jazz Fest was filled with excitement and fun in the Peace Garden. We offered printmaking on seed envelopes, weaving, painting, planting, and making God’s Eyes from the Magical Mobile Art Cart.

Festival goers of all ages enjoyed making from our Sustainable Environmental Art Delivery (S.E.A.D.) program.

We completed our Earth Loom Collaborative demonstration weaving project, “Jazz Fest Divining Rod” and think it turned out pretty neat! Many hands went into making it and we think it captures the mood of our residency at the Jazz and Heritage Festival in 2023. It’s whimsical, inviting, and made with sustainability in mind.

We had a blast facilitating making from our Magical Mobile Art Cart and received so much praise. We delighted to share we have been welcomed into the Jazz Fest family and invited back for future festivals.

See you next year!

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