Educational Programming

We provide local youth art education that is inspired by sustainability and issues surrounding our local environment through our gardening initiatives. We examine the areas of environmental science, agricultural education, and the arts through our programming in which students investigate STEAM curriculum and produce environmentally sustainable art work. We offer field trips, site visits, and engaging learning opportunities in beautification projects with students.

We also offer schools our experience and expertise to build or grow their own gardens on campus. Customizable programs are available to meet the unique needs of schools and districts.

Introducing: Sustainable Environmental Art Delivery (S.E.A.D.)

Our Early Childhood Education Program provides digestible STEAM information for 2-5 year olds and their caregivers, ready made project-based tactile learning activities, and nature inspired art activities that focus on early literacy.

Budding Artist Program Objectives:
● Provide STEAM based learning opportunities that engage students in meaningful hands-on educational activities that examine the relationship between agriculture and the environment;
● Combine arts, agriculture, and literature for students to apply scientific inquiry skills and creatively solve real-world problems; and
● Collaborating with artists, students explore themes in nature, science, and the arts to apply knowledge to the community in a way that is reflective of cultural surroundings.

Offering programming at New Orleans Public Library this Spring!

Interested in signing up for our Budding Artists Program? Click the link below to join us the month of March at the Norman Mayer Public Library. Classes will be held on Thursdays at 10:30.

We provide art and literacy workshops that focus on our natural surroundings. Learners and their caregivers are invited to explore themes in nature while reading a creating artwork in this humanities based program.

Enjoying playing with art made at Budding Artists

Environmental literacy is integral to fostering an understanding of ecological, economic, and cultural connections between humans, emphasizing that humans are part of a global community and that actions and decisions made locally by individuals or communities have effects that go well beyond local environments.

Our collaborative arts integration programming delivers meaningful experiential learning to children and their caregivers. The program is designed for participants to experience an increase in responsiveness and appreciation for art and the environment, to develop higher order thinking skills, make observations, and gain improvement in receptive vocabulary skills. Over the course of a program, students examine a topic through observing, reading, and creating sustainable art projects that go home with learners to continue the scientific inquiry beyond the classroom.

Every child is an Artist. “Terrific Trees” workshop.

Our Seed Lending Library at Galvez Garden
Field Trip with the Agile Learning Center at the Galvez Garden
Learning about seed saving, plant life cycles, and seed germination
Master Gardener Grads Propagation Station
Fall Garden Show display at the Botanical Gardens
Tour of the Garden with the American Community Gardening Association National Conference

Come grow with us!

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