Making a Peace Garden around the Magical Mobile Art Cart for Jazz Fest

We are delighted to share that the Magical Mobile Art Cart is safely situated near the entrance and the Children’s Tent at the fairgrounds for the 2023 Jazz and Heritage Festival!

We drove the cart in on Monday and spent the morning today working to create the Peace Garden around the art cart.

Driving the Magical Mobile Art Cart to the fairgrounds was a relatively simple task and more time was spent in making sure it was placed just so as to make it inviting to festival viewers.

Magical Mobile Art Cart, 2023 Jazz and Heritage Festival

This year the garden is especially important because it has been created using all native plants! Working with other Master Gardeners and members of the Greater New Orleans Native Plant Initiative, we were so pleased to help to establish the new space! The installation consists of shrubs, trees, and even some water features for the irises.

Unloading and relocating native plants
Creating the interactive space

Everyone worked together to unload two trailers and the back of a pickup truck filled with the healthiest, showiest native plants to create the installation.

Organizing the art supplies to make art with visitors

The cart is loaded with art supplies ready to make a variety of arts and crafts with guests at the festival! We’ll be facilitating printmaking, weaving, painting, and planting on Friday through Sunday for both weekends.

We don’t want to give too much away, but here’s our cart, in its idealized location. We’re so happy to be participating with the Jazz and Heritage Festival -for both weekends- stop on by as we continue to serve our mission of building a creative network of makers for a more sustainable New Orleans!

Magical Mobile Art Cart, Featured in the Peace Garden

Thanks to our sponsors for making this dream come true!

Programming made possible with support from New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund.

The Magical Mobile Art Cart was created with an Arts and Culture Grant from Entergy.

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