Jazz Fest Tickets for Budding Artists Families!

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to the generosity of the Jazz and Heritage Festival Foundation, we have Jazz Fest tickets to share with participating families of our Budding Artists program! Each caregiver that attended our programming this March will receive one ticket for the first weekend of the festival.

Participants of Budding Artists will be notified personally via email of the upcoming event, including time and date to claim their tickets.

We’re looking forward to seeing our families as we will be presenting arts and cultural programming in the Peace Garden at the festival. We can’t wait to deliver our Sustainable Environmental Art Education (S.E.A.D.) program through our Magical Mobile Art Cart!

We’ll be offering painting, printmaking, weaving, and planting opportunities for all ages in this site specific area of the festival. This year the Peace Garden will be working closely with Louisiana Master Gardeners and the Native Plant Initiative to shine a light on the value of native landscapes in Louisiana.

Details for the Community Outreach Tickets are as followed:

We plan to distribute tickets the weekend of our Love the Boot volunteer event, on Sunday April 23rd starting at 10:00 a.m.

Thank you to the Jazz and Heritage Festival Foundation for this gift to share with our community and Budding Artists families!

Community Outreach Tickets provided by the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation
Public Arts and Cultural Programs at Jazz Fest supported by New Orleans Tourism and Cultural Fund
Art Cart made possible with Arts and Culture Grant Award funding from Entergy

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