Consider Supporting the Incubator this Give NOLA Day

We are pleased to announce that we are participating in Give NOLA Day this year!

We have two active campaigns, one to help us to continue to deliver to the public our programs for free, and one is for funding water for our garden. We appreciate your support in making this a successful fundraising campaign!

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Educational Programming

The NOLA Artist Incubator is rooted in arts, education, and sustainability. As such the aim of the nonprofit is working with culture bearers and youth to grow gardens, green spaces, and environmentally focused public art that gives back to the community. This campaign aims to raise money to fund our educational programs. Specifically we are seeking funds to provide a fair facilitator wage to employ one part time staff to deliver workshops. Funds would go to facilitating programming and towards art and gardening materials, as well as books used in our program

Our Sustainable Environmental Art Delivery (S.E.A.D.) program provides art education inspired by sustainability and issues surrounding our local environment. We offer Budding Artists program, for 2-5 year olds -free of charge- at the New Orleans Public Library. This program incorporates literacy and children create sustainable art projects inspired by nature and gardening. Our collaborative arts integration programming delivers meaningful experiential learning to children and their caregivers. The program is designed for participants to experience an increase in responsiveness and appreciation for art and the environment, to develop higher order thinking skills, make observations, and gain improvement in receptive vocabulary skills. Over the course of a program, students examine a topic through observing, reading, and creating sustainable art projects that go home with learners to continue the scientific inquiry beyond the classroom. We look forward to continuing to offer this program and to expanding to offer more programming in 2023.

We have built the Magical Mobile Art Cart, now we are eager to take it to deliver our programming to the public! Spreading joy of art, creativity, and gardening, we are focused on teaching sustainability to the youth of New Orleans. Your donation will help up pay an employee to facilitate programming and supply us with materials for youth to creatively explore meaningful local ecological issues. We look forward to rolling up to different locations to engage young learners in our community based collaborative projects to serve our mission of making a creative network of makers for a more sustainable New Orleans. Please consider making a donation to this campaign by clicking the link below:

Water for Galvez Garden

The NOLA Artist Incubator maintains the Galvez Garden, a community garden in St. Roch. We grow vegetables for the community and native plants for pollinators. Plants need water to flourish and our water bill adds up! We try to water from our rain barrel and conserve water as much as possible. Our water usage cost (averaging around $8 / month) is very low, but with all the fees our weekly bill is averages to $50 every month. We are trying to raise funds to pay for one year of watering the garden. With these funds we wouldn’t have to worry about the fees associated with water and could spend our funds on other projects in the garden and in our educational program.

Please consider donating by clicking the link below:

As a reminder all donations are tax deductible. If you’re participating in the Give NOLA Day event, we would be so grateful for your generous donation support of our work! Thanks!

Make a difference by joining us for 24 hours of giving to benefit our regional nonprofits. Now in its 10th year, GiveNOLA Day is a 24-hour event hosted by the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Together, let’s inspire people to give generously so that we can make our region stronger and creating a thriving community for all.

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