Call for Volunteers!

One bed installed, NINE more to go! Consider this the “before” picture! We’re sharing it here to show you how phenomenal this opportunity is for the Incubator, the Galvez Garden, and the community of St. Roch.

Want to get involved? This Saturday we’ll be putting some serious work into setting up the foundation for our vegetable garden and building these nifty Vego garden beds! We are doing them one at a time, assembling and filling with soil, and we want your help! This is your chance to learn about the Cultivating the Community Garden Award, Galvez Garden Growing Vegetables project, and to be a part of making something transformative to our community. DM us if you have any questions! We have two shovels and a wheelbarrow, so if you have a wheelbarrow and a shovel, you’d definitely strengthen our impact if you brought ‘em! Let’s transform spaces to address food insecurity and have a great time while we’re at it!


Want to learn more about how much work goes into building a community garden for the community? Want to be a part of something great to add more green spaces to New Orleans? Join us! All are welcome!🌻🌱👨‍🌾

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