The Incubator gives back at the New Orleans Jazz Museum

Lissie and Brad, Master Gardeners Class of 2022

If you’re heading to the Quarter any time soon, be sure to take a peek at the newly installed butterfly garden at the New Orleans Jazz Museum! We had a blast working with Master Gardeners of Greater New Orleans this morning building new garden beds, tilling the soil, and planting native pollinators at the museum.

Laying out the new landscape
Susan making sure all the colors we properly coordinated
Taking a look at the layout before dropping the plants in the ground

Butterfly gardens are an easy way to add beauty to big and small places with little effort and lots of reward! I’d highly recommend this for beginning and advanced gardeners alike! You’ll enjoy the colors and fragrance from the plants, plus they really do attract butterflies, which are a delight to see in the garden!

Looking forward to more projects, stay tuned!

Everyone having a blast getting their hands dirty

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