The Incubator Celebrates Earth Day with the University of New Orleans

Today we exhibited at the University of New Orleans. We brought seeds and our paper pot maker and gave visitors and students a chance to plant seeds to take home and grow their own plants.

It was great to be able to share about all the different events we have going on and share all of the services our garden offers the community. We talked about our community compost drop off site and walked interested people through the process of being proactive in diverting waste from our landfills. Students and faculty alike really enjoyed getting their hands in potting soil and planting seeds at our table.

We also enjoyed introducing our organization to so many of the other great organizations doing great things to make the cut it more sustainable! It was especially fun to be tabled across from Green Light New Orleans, and Lissie got a chance to add to the painting of their display rain barrel for a bit!

We just love talking to new people about our love of gardening, art and sustainability! Thanks, UNO for hosting a great event for your university and thanks for including the Incubator in the program!

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