Budding Artists: Week Five

This week we wrapped up our five week long programming at the library. It was bittersweet because everyone agreed that we only wished it could go on and on, but we had a wonderful last day all the same.

We read a story about a green house and then the children received a lesson on how to make their own greenhouses. Learners were given peat moss and perlite in a greenhouse and had the opportunity to mix the growing mediums with water and observe as the peat moss expanded.

Next, caregivers and our budding artists got to pick out seeds to plant. We had a variety of seeds available to pick from.

Some learners picked broccoli seeds that we grew in our garden and had the chance to open the seed pods before planting. Other chose tomatoes and lettuce, turnips and varieties of flowers were among the favorites planted.

Then learners had the chance to make labels for their greenhouses and put clear stickers on the covers to creatively make them their own.

As always we were blown away with the different approaches the children took to planting and decorating their greenhouses. We were very impressed that no one hesitated to get their hands in the growing medium and proud to see the interest the children had in sowing their seeds.

After the activity, we gathered for another story time and did a stretching dance to grow like the plants we had seeded in our greenhouse. Everyone had a wonderful morning at the library.

Ms. Shanté and her littles made us this sweet card, and was a touching way to end the day with our talented budding artists. It’s a drawing of a garden of the sweetest students and we will treasure this beautiful card!

We’re sad our program came to end but happy to be planning our upcoming programs and looking forward to offering new material at the library in the fall. Thanks so much for bringing your children to the library to learn with us!

Stay tuned for our upcoming announcements on this site or on Instagram @nolaartistincubator for updates!

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