Magical Mobile Art Cart Build Progress

We’re excited to share our progress on the Magical Mobile Art Cart! Today the Incubator got to work on building the second wall for the maker space. This wall is intended to have a large enough entrance to easily transfer soil and larger vegetation in and out of the cart. Seeing it in person really illustrates how the design is using space efficiently for transporting materials to different locations. It’s a larger space than it appears and will provide ample opportunity for our organization to deliver our programming as we serve our mission. We believe in the power of art to transform spaces, and witnessing the transformation of this trailer is incredibly rewarding!

A lot of hours went into the concept and design of the Magical Mobile Art Cart. What a delight it is to see what was once only imagined come to fruition! We’re plugging away at permitting this project to take priority, while planting seeds and nurturing the many other great projects and programs in store for 2023. We’ll keep you updated on our website and Instagram @nolaartistincubator as we continue to work. Check out or subscribe to our new YouTube channel for some quirky insights into the process.

Here’s the result of two days of building. We couldn’t be happier!

Project made possible with funding from Entergy.

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