Anna K. Lemnitzer, Premiere Artist in Residence of the NOLA Artist Incubator

The NOLA Artist Incubator is pleased to introduce the recipient of its 2022 Artist-in-Residence program, Anna K. Lemnitzer. The Residency, which is intended to support and recognize a Southern artist whose work demonstrates exceptional promise and merit, will afford Lemnitzer the opportunity for creative experimentation and expression in the areas of environmental art, green architecture, and community gardening. Lemnitzer is the first Artist in Residence to be chosen since the launch of the NOLA Artist Incubator. With her extensive exhibition experience, decades of accomplishments, and international accolades, the Incubator is proud to welcome Lemnitzer to New Orleans, and looks forward to presenting her work in collaboration with I Dig It, LLC.

Lemnitzer has presented, exhibited, and collaborated with various institutions such as the National Wet Paint, CICA in Korea, Teachers College, Columbia University, and the Andy Warhol Museum. Currently the professor of art and design at West Texas A&M University, Lemnitzer’s latest works are inspired by the surrounding landscapes of Texas, exploring themes and patterns in the natural world. Most recent reviews of her work compared her artistic response to the environment to that of Georgia O’Keeffe, who also taught at West Texas in her earlier career. Lemnitzer plans to build off of this trajectory of examining natural surroundings in New Orleans by manifesting her interpretations in an artist installation at the Galvez Garden, an urban garden operated by I Dig It, LLC.

Elisabeth Stewart, Executive Director of the NOLA Artist Incubator, commented: “The Artist in Residence program at the Incubator provides residents with the time, space, and support to experiment in environmental art installations. It is a vital part of the organization’s commitment to support innovative artistic practices, and a critical component of our effort to bring diverse and accomplished artistic voices to our local community.”

Lemnitzer’s work will be open to the public and remain on location at 2317 N. Galvez St. after completion. She plans to create an interactive and immersive living work of art that further investigates the influence of green spaces in urban settings. The public is invited to view the process as she builds over the course of her residency, running the 18th through the 22nd of July.

NOLA Artist Incubator is a New Orleans based nonprofit Inspired by nature and committed to environmental conservation. The NOLA Artist Incubator aims at enriching our community by building a creative network of makers committed to building a more sustainable New Orleans. The artist-in-residency is made available by the NOLA Artist Incubator in association with I Dig It, LLC.

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